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To maintain the highest security standards, we will be disabling support for browsers using TLS 1.0. Learn more and upgrade your browser here. is North Carolina's most comprehensive online study site for the State License Exam! helps prepare you to succussfully pass the State Exam! Our exclusive study content will prepare you fully for the difficult questions you can expect on the actual license exam.

You will see questions from all of the actual exam categories. You can study at your own pace, and focus in on areas that are especially difficult. Each full exam package includes hundreds of questions, built to simulate an actual license exam. Also, we have designed your exam experience to give you full customization and feedback.

Our database of questions is updated all of the time, so as content and laws change you will see the most up-to-date information. These exams are a great supplement to your textbook or other materials used throughout your pre-licensing course.

Our expert team of exam writers and instructors, is actually based in North Carolina and has helped thousands of students prepare for the State Exam, and pass it with confidence. We are veterans of this industry and can say with confidence that we will deliver you the best possible product as you prepare for your new career!